Start the model

You can now start and stop the model, and analyze custom labels in new images.

  • In the Use your model section, open API Code

Use your model

  • Copy the AWS CLI command for Start model.
  • Paste and run this command in the Cloud9 IDE terminal.
  • You should get a response of { “Status” = “STARTING” }

Start model code

  • Return to your model in the AWS management console.
  • Select your Model name instance which you just trained and choose Model details
  • Wait until Status changes from STARTING to RUNNING

Model status

Upload gauge test images to S3

  • In Amazon S3, open the custom-labels-console-us-east-1-67a9361d65 prefixed S3 bucket.
  • Create a new folder testing-images.
  • Upload some new gauge images to the new testing-images folder.
  • Record a key name of the image.