1.x Lambda function

Create function

Open AWS Lambda Functions and select Create function.

Create function

Select Author from scratch

Author from scratch

Basic information

A runtime is a version of a programming language or framework that you can use to write Lambda functions. Lambda supports runtimes for the following languages:

  • JavaScript (Node.js)
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Go
  • Java
  • C# (.NET Core)
  • PowerShell (.NET Core)

To use other languages in Lambda, you can create your own runtime.

An execution role gives your Lambda function permission to upload logs and access other AWS services. You will later add a policy to the execution role to give it access to downstream resources including the training S3 bucket.

Enter basic information of the lambda function.

  • Function name - Enter a descriptive name like captureAnalogueGaugeBuilderImages
  • Runtime - The function will be written in node.js so select Node.js 12.x
  • Leave Permissions - leave as default Create a new role with basic Lambda permissions

Basic information

Advanced settings

Leave Advanced settings as default. Select Create fnction.

Advanced settings

After a short time you will be take to your lambda functions Configuration page. You should see a message saying that you have successfully created the function, you can now change its code and configuration, and can invoke your function with a test event.

Success message

In the next step, you will configure the function code of you Lambda function.